What Do We Do With Our Overly Burdened ‘Donkey of Doubt and Doom’?

61l2xgn5j4l__sy445_ql70_When we stop seeking resolution, we get it! It is resolved. No longer do we seek under every nook and cranny for the answer to make it ALL better. It is as good as it will ever be; just like is. We no longer walk around with a terminal measuring device to see IF we are getting any closer to it.

We see with full clarity it’s already here. It has always been here. Right before our eyes in full blazing glory—all that we could ever need or want. The vexing, worrisome anxiety, nervous fear and dread and perplexing void vanishes! Without an apparent earthquake in change of surroundings or a recognizable shift in the content of relationships, the ‘all too obvious’ solution appears!

When we really surrender to “what’s happening”, we don’t give up our will. That would be impossible! What we do is to realize, accept and embrace that there is nothing to do, no where to go, nothing to be and NOTHING to get.

Yes! This is it. All of it.img_0854

No other scenario besides the one we are in THIS exact moment fully involved, envelops us. It is the ONLY reality we will ever be aware of. Not in a way-we can discern-as involved but with total conviction of allowing and accepting the ambiguity of each moment’s spontaneous content!

Why do we insist on trying to separate the moments into ‘good or bad’, helpful or hindering, advantageous or adverse? Nothing could be further from the truth! ALL is relative and necessary in the perfected instant it appears! We are the complete experience of it unfolding as it does.

img_0669Our perception of the moments can be distorted but NOT the actuality of the inherently divine manifestation of the beauty and grace revealed. Yes! Letting go of an impossible hold and influence we THINK we have on life also sets in motion (an incredibly fresh release) of debilitating mental barriers that have so easily and conveniently crippled us.

612ee-combustiblerelationshipsplayingfieldofolympiansGive it a rest! That overly burdened ‘donkey of doubt and doom’ needs to be watered, fed and bedded in some soft hay for the night. Maybe,he’ll start refreshed in the morning with a new pep in his step having dismantled the awful load he was carrying! It’s worth a shot.


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What We Seek To Hold Will One Day Strangle us!


img_2221We all play our cards ‘close to our chest’ like any skilled poker player knows how to do. But, we tend to forget that the final card known in some circles as the RIVER card can change everything in the blink of an eye. We want to believe (and therefore suffer because of it) that we can control what happens in our life. NOT so! We can do all we can do but the final result is totally beyond our ability to influence, impact or direct. At times, things happen that baffle and confuse us.

img_2467Other times, they astound and diffuse us. And, yes… there are also times that delightfully amuse and amaze us. But-way too easily and eagerly- are we quick to assume either responsibility or blame for the outcome; when-in reality- both scenarios are far removed from our discretion.

The ONLY real problem and obvious difficulty lies in identifying with the circumstance so personally. We want something from it (him/her) and find disappointment because we do.

3dc03-plasticaddictionemotionaldramaJust remember due to the fact we seek praise and acknowledgement so desperately: the desired alluring compliments and total promised commitments will one day HANG us! No one can demand another’s undying devotion without forfeiting the game. No FUN in that.

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Kick The Planks of Security From Beneath Our Feet To Expose Our False Support!

To kick the planks out from under the bridge of ‘reassuring delusion’-in our existing relationships-takes raw, ruthless courage! YES! To admit that we-not the other -has fostered and fueled a suitable lie in order not to disrupt our supposed comfortable FOOTING…remains as the single most heroic act we could ever do for ourselves!


To see with crystal clear clarity the illusions we cling to and to what extent, we sublimate emotions-for what we believe to be our psychological survival-demonstrates a piercingly valiant attempt to “come clean”. How is that to be done? By admitting that we USE (like an addict) whatever is most convenient in our relationships to satisfy and sustain us; though it be superficially erected and fearfully maintained.

REMEMBER: “The truth stands while the rest falls away”. We continually refuse to ‘stand alone’ with no fictitious props (erroneous beliefs) to shatter our supposed walls of familiarity, connectedness and security.img_2331

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Want What? Really…

People, in general, don’t know what they really want! Sure: they say they do, but far be it from their conscious minds, they rarely have a clue. Why? Desires run through them like an open ended faucet. This minute may call for a certain pleasure but before the manifestation can be spun into existence, a change of mind has slipped in the back door.                                                                          Yes!

Too fickle.

Too inconsistent.

Too uncompromising.

Too impatient (not wanting to miss out on a single passing luring treasure) makes for a bumpy, lumpy, bumpy, jumpy, dumpy ride. Okay… don’t believe me? Think you KNOW what you want more than anything else in the whole wide world? State it… now… this instant! The catch? You can’t change your mind for the next 18 months from this date AND it can ONLY be one thing! No deviations or switch ups.



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Breaking Through The Illusion of Impossibility!

Beautiful flowers bloom but not without a struggle to break through into the infinite atmosphere of air and sunshine! And, surprisingly, like human beings, it’s NOT a physical battle but a vibrational one.


Although the manifestation from a seed to a full blown flower is precisely where they are headed in the first place, they are capable of hesitating. (some don’t make it) Even though, the impetus “to be” is inherently formed in the nucleus of the seed, still a pause is recorded in the seed pattern.


Down in the dark soil, where no light is offered, do they push through to their inherent glory! Because they are destined to bloom, the toiling required is aided by all other forces making the process seem almost effortless. I choose the word “seem” as a designed fit.


Had they refused the ‘natural and convenient’ push and pull of their momentum’s thrust, never could they burst through the soil into their divinely designated place above ground.


In all probability, they could have offered resistance declaring, “I am comfortable where I am. I do not KNOW what is ahead of me. I WANT to stay where I am. I like being a seed. I don’t enjoy being uprooted and changed into something else. Give me a guarantee that I will be happier where I am supposedly going and I’ll consider breaking out of this shell.”


So, it is in the act of choosing to NOT know that we grow! When we make that LEAP of blind faith (without having to see results beforehand) do we explode into the definitive exponential creative expression of untold possibilities. Ponder it! Just how many varieties of exquisite individually unique flowers exist?

Questioning the Validity of Thoughts! Where Do They Really Come From? Who Do They Belong To?

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MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: Disentangling the Unconscious Dream Images


Life spins on its axis much too fast to form an accurate opinion but not fast enough for you to interpret logically. The life you ‘think’ you are living exists in a realm of unimaginable chaos before you are capable of determining what you decide it means.

Although you invest quite a bit of time, effort, energy  and mind power trying to decipher the meaning of various circumstances, the actions of people, the cohesiveness of situations, the illusive events have changed position before you arrive at any coherent explanation.

Formless and indistinguishable the oblique form filled  existence rests in motion but not in the way you comprehend the word ‘rest.’ As it continues to spin, the tilted spiraled form materializes into something of a more recognizable shape but the something you observe is totally different from what it actually is. By the time your eyes fixate on any semblance of it, it has already moved into another direction altogether.

You can not look at it directly and live. You see it out of the corner of your eyes as it passes by. How foolish is your mumbo-jumbo chatter! You are altered by the mere observing of it as it is altered by your observing. It spins, it spins, and it spins. While at the same instant, you are spun into the identical manifestation you are so futilely trying to examine. Life, you along with it, constantly attracts, repels, repositions, then releases.


The form created and destroyed in the process reveals its circumvented boundaries as the life you perceive you exist in. In other words, life is so distorted and smeared from your mere observation of it through your eyes alone that the comments you make regarding ‘your circumstances’ are no more than an “…empty brass clamoring symbol…”

The true sight is found in your feet and registered in the Solar Plexus which is the unalterable seat of instincts. YES! The Gut! Two inches below your navel, the gut receives insight from the feet who governs and filters the messages from the penetrated ground upon which you walk. Dreams aid you in this celestially guided direction. Dreams are not to be dismissed as meaningless and incomprehensible. They are neither.

They act as powerful cosmic linkages to vital transcendent esoteric information which can be used to increase awareness of everyday living. When dreaming, pay attention to the position of your feet. Can you find them? Do you see someone else’s feet other than your own? Type of shoes, relaxed, tense, cold, painful or hurt?

Form is identified as matter but is really concealed energy. Manifested energy. you are encased soalr energy in walking talking divine expression. The artistic culmination of your heritage, experiences, thoughts, emotions and interpretations, w hich you classify as people, places, and things is determined solely by the gut and registered in the feet.

This statement can not be reiterated enough! The elevated layered cosmic insight is given when the mind is turned off in sleep where there exists no interpretation. When you dismiss dreams as inconsequential, so are you denigrating your present world.

As the dream wheel of vast power turns in rhythm and unison, a recognizable pattern is established. This pattern establishes cycles; the cycles result in a series of repetitive superficial sequences in a rotation which appears as linear time. When a change in the sequence occurs, time materializes in shifts of vortex consciousness.


You are eternally whirling in a sea of static fixed matter of concealed whirling energy. You are made of the same force as that of the whirling vibratory motion. Life is constructed of whirling light, sound, incorporated in total silence.

In what can not possibly be perceived as immeasurable silence, the whirling of the void in the matrix of nothing establishes all that is, has ever been, will ever be beyond that. Dreams are the clearest replications which offer significant clues of imminent understanding when gauged through the feet and not the head! Sound ridiculous? Of course it does!

Matter appears and presents itself infinitesimally, supposedly; we, as mortals are incapable of comprehending the magnitude of its simple force in this sea of endlessly whirling spinning, rotating, bobbing and turning etheric dream. With a movement that we distinguish as both round and round up and down and sideways in every direction, we try to decipher and explain the inexplicable. In this sea of cosmic vibration we are the cells inside cells inside cells of the unmentionable brain

There is no better term but Brain does not suffice, either, which constitutes all and represents nothing. The formation produces the feces. Eliminate your stale overworked inaccurate idea of what you think “feces” means! Which in turn, fertilizes everything else.

The feces feed the source which expands and contracts in upon itself and outward into incurable tentacles. Everything is connected and affects everything else.

Matter and consciousness are one and the same one creates one destroys and then visa versa it goes on and one round and round up and down and sideways.

It begins and ends and spins and spins with the breath. The involuntary breathing apparatus in every living thing is the indistinguishable cord hooked to everything imaginable and unimaginable that exists. Everything breathes, moves, lives and dies.

But not as death, {as we comprehend it} without extension but as a change in celestial seasons “…All will be changed in the twinkling of an eye…”  The manifested form in order to change rhythms enough to inhabit the next level of form energy vibration must be converted through the use of its own force. “…the corruptible will take on the incorruptible…”


This ever rotating breath voiceless and silent is the most potent and penetrating of all forces being the beginning and end of all existence. The Alpha and the Omega, can not be comprehended with the finite mind for it can not comprehend itself and live. To not know keeps it in existence. That it is veiled in darkness goes without comment or dissection. “…For the wisdom of this world is foolishness…”

In working with oneself, the truth will bear witness to itself. The place to start is with the feet. Trust your feet at all times! Next, pay attention to your dreams. The more you begin to listen with your eyes the more you will see with your ears. No, that is not a misprinted statement.


An inexpressible sacred expression constitutes all of our lives. No matter how you refer to this unutterable divine force, the recognition, appreciation and worship begins with you and in you. “…in him we move, live, breathe and have our being…” Paraphrased

We are created for pleasure. To restrict this pleasure of cosmically imbued artistic designed expression is the only transgression that truly registers. We are to exalt our electrically sexually sensually permeated being as the single hallowed whirlpool of manifested human force in sacred representation of the unspeakable almighty of all indefinable existence. “…Take off thy shoes; thou art standing upon Holy Ground…”

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Getting to the Center of the Unresolved Matter


When you are too concerned about what others will say, the dread of how you will be received silences your own voice. Embarrassment is the clearest indication that what you want {or are trying to do} undoubtedly needs expressing. Unless you are willing to search, retrieve and convey those buried artistic aspects of yourself, which you have never been properly introduced to, you will remain a mystery to yourself and others.

Nothing can fulfill the restlessness occurring in your body except by and through the releasing of pent up artistic ventilation. If you continue to refuse to follow that inner gnawing of creative desire, you will suffer immeasurably. Not only that, but your relationships will ‘flit and flounder’ because of your obvious denial.

You will remain bored, unhappy and unfulfilled seeking outside for barren remedies to quiet the inner barricades. In order to ‘kick down the barriers’ that prevent you from being a natural born artist, entertainer, writer, singer, comedian, actor, doctor, lawyer, teacher, Indian Chief, or a million other artistic endeavors. Whatever your soliciting heart desires, you simply must respond to the demands of the divine call. “Pay attention.”.


The deal is: you will be required to stop bad mouthing yourself or others who you deem more fortunate or talented. You will have to come to terms with the truth that no one has it any better than you do. You have not be left out of the party. You have not been robbed. You have not been lied, to, cheated, denied or cast to the sidelines. You were never going to meet these aspects of yourself any other way or until you were ready.

Every incident you have experienced has brought you to this most perfect hour of latent talent introduction. If these words resonate with you, it is only because you are ready to pursue the voyage of enterprising self. {A launching of new indescribable possibilities stand before you ready for you venture into.} But, you must be aware of setting yourself up for personal self-willed incapacitation.


Because these aspects of yourself are so ready to explode onto the scene of reality, you will do things to paralyze your actions. No one else does it to you. You do it all by yourself. Another blatant self-sabotaging clue to be on the look-out for: “when you have the inclination or impetus to start defending, excusing, explaining or justifying yourself or your actions in this new ‘awkward’ uncharted direction”.

When this occurs, KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are lying. Not to the other but to yourself! Cease immediately with the mealy mouthed blabbering and apologizing. Do what you have to do and do it quickly! Moments of hesitation will be cast into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered anymore, IF you bite your tongue before wallowing in self-pity or guilt for being so selfish and self-absorbed.

Self-doubt, fear of change, and the thoughts of not having any talent will be swallowed up by your natural desire to express yourself artistically IF you stand in the midst of the whirlwind. An instinctive GUT ‘detector’ enables you to contact your lost/hidden artistic needs, as long as you are willing to move through the door of self-delusion. By careful study and application, you will be able to break through that wall of self-incrimination into a field your unrealized artistic potential.


As you begin to get still and listen to your inner soul’s yearning, you will discover a world of untold merit. You will literally be stunned by the accuracy of the things you know without knowing how you know them.

You must trust your gut, however without reservation. It is the sole intent of your inner compass to provide an avenue of immaculate perception, where you no longer ‘take for granted’ the exquisite beauty found within the mundane, dull, and seemingly lifeless artifacts peppering your world. You may be asking, “But, how and where do I start?” Right where your feet are planted! Without having to dig and search, the yellow brick road beckons you exactly where you are placed.

Here lies a simple esoteric secret, “What are the closest photographs you have near you?” (Wherever you are sitting) These photographs are designed to elicit a response in you. Whether the response is negative or positive, matters little. What does matter is that it makes you ponder.


A significant connection is directly linked to them. If you must take a journey to retrieve the first photograph, do so. But, be consciously aware of what you are passing along the way. Be exceedingly mindful of what you see, though you may have passed by it a 1000 times before. Do not look for a specific photograph.

It must be the first one you get to without having one in mind. Your artistic talent is intricately tied to this photograph in some important way. Do not jump to obvious conclusions but look beneath to the motivating factor. It’s there. It’s always been there. You’ve just been to busy or bitter to see it. Get over your ‘hardening of the arteries’ mindset!


It’s high time to rock and roll, shimmy and shake out onto the yellow brick road.


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